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New badges & chat

"Gotta go fast" Ok so first of all, i added a chat. Second of all, I added badges.
Here are the pics from the badges I edited. What do u "Bonnie?" guys think? "You deserve to be an admin" "Sonic rainboom!" "Awesome!" "Freddy?" "Stopping by to invite" "MLG edit"
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Your opinions

Ok guys, I just wanted to ask if you guys think that if FNaC 2 comes out, if I should make a FNaC 2 RP, and if we do,
Should we make pages for it on this wiki?
I want to know your opinions first, though. I know its a bit early, but I just wanted to ask.
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FNaC RP (OCs Allowed)

A normal FNaC RP
Candy: Official Candy the Cat
Old Candy: Baroncasimiro
Golden Candy(OC): PFNA
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